Manila Airport Taxi

Getting to Manila from Naia Airport by taxi turns to be the suitable mean of transport given its closeness to downtown Manila (4 kilometres). Even though, the city of Manila is quite famous for its large traffic jams – That means transferring times can vary between 20 minutes, without traffic, up to an hour.


At Manila Airport there are a couple of options regarding taxi transportation: Coupon Taxi (coloured white with blue squares) and Yellow Taxi (coloured yellow). The first one works by charging a specific amount according to the final destination distance, while the second one are normal metered taxis.


To take Coupon Taxi you just need to approach to the dispatch station available at any of the airport terminals, state your destination and you’ll be given a coupon which marks the price you’ll need to pay to get to your final destination. Please keep your coupon during all trip and do not deliver it to the driver until the end of your ride.


Even they are not precisely cheap, it is the best option for travelling in group and in case of carrying large luggage, you may ask for a large taxi (up to eight passengers) without being surcharged.


On the other hand, Metered Taxis are on average a 50% more expensive than the average taxis around Manila, but they are the only metered taxi companies allowed in the airport premises. In case the driver refuses to turn on the meter, board another taxi.



Manila Airport is wide famous for its scams regarding taxi services. It is wisely to take only the official, metered or pre-booked taxis. Given this fact, do not accept rides from people that approach you in the terminal – You may possibly be a victim of a scam.


In order to avoid scams, it is advisable to carry small bills, having your destination written down in a piece of paper and knowing the approximate fare of your trip to avoid being ripped off.


It is advisable to be special careful with the so-called Manila Concierges, which will ask you a tip for supposedly helping you hailing a taxi.



Both Coupon and Metered Taxis can be found in the Departures exit of each terminal.



The following taxi companies serve Manila Airport:

-Royal HM Taxi Services: +63 2 836-1403

-Taksi Berde Transit Corp.: +63 2 571-7896

Opening hours: 24 hours.



The estimated cost to transfer to downtown Manila by metered taxi is around PHP 380.00 – 450.00 and transferring time is around 20 minutes up to an hour.

See below the fixed fares for Coupon Taxis in Manila:

-Area 1: PHP 440.00

-Area 2: PHP 530.00

-Area 3: PHP 610.00

-Area 4: PHP 670.00

-Area 5: PHP 740.00


Fares to other popular destinations:

-Baclaran Station: PHP 118.79.

-Robinsons Place Station: PHP 200.92.

-Malate: PHP 191.37.

-Makati: PHP 159.95.

-Pasay Bus Terminal: PHP 124.36.


Shared Rides

Shared ride service is available to those who wish to share a ride and pay a flat rate to certain destinations if multiple parties are available for the trip. Apps such as Uber and the local app Grab may be useful to do so.

See below the estimated fares from Manila Airport:

-Downtown Manila: PHP 187.75.